Beauty and the Beast 3.06 – Chasing Ghosts

by Mieke Trudeau

“Find love Catherine, happiness. Don’t just try to save the world.”

As Vincent and Catherine get ready for married life together, they have taken stock of the unhealthier sides of their relationship. However, besides the continuing threat posed by the yet to be unraveled mystery of the new beasts, there is another unresolved obstacle to their wedded bliss, and that is family.

Catherine is in a pressure cooker of sorts. Aunts and cousins are arriving to help celebrate a wedding shower and all the talk is of Cat and Heather’s mother; her spirit hangs heavy over everything. Heather and the rest of the family are unaware of the truth behind the government work that Vanessa (Khaira Ledeyo) was forced to perform and how that impacted Vincent and therefore Cat. She is avoiding all things wedding and instead concentrates on work, even though she is supposed to be taking time off. When it finally all becomes too much, Cat has a melt down in the middle of her wedding shower, allowing all her anger at her mother and father and the damage they caused to come pouring out in front of her shocked guests and a devastated Heather.

Vincent has his own run-in with relatives. He misses his brothers, with whom he would love to share this special moment in his life, and JT tries to make up for it by throwing a bachelor party with the few distant cousins Vincent has left. Cousin Hank (Lochlyn Munro) is one to apparently hold quite a grudge and his memories of the Keller golden boys still seem to have him bitter with envy. Not exactly the warm reminiscences JT and Vincent had hoped for and things go from bad to worse when a very awkward lap dance by a stripper dressed as a cop is interrupted by sudden gunfire. Trying to compete with his heroic “Cousin Vinnie”, Hank manages to get himself shot in the melee.

Courtesy of the CW

Courtesy of the CW

The attack comes from yet another new beast, this time one with short-lived powers and terrible aim. JT quickly figures out that a blood borne parasite laced with Proto Beast DNA is responsible for the sudden outbreak of temporary beast powers. When Vincent and Cat finally track down patient zero – a bike messenger hyped up, delusional and armed with a camera – it all turns out to be a trap. Vincent and Cat are no longer safe in obscurity; they have been outed as the cop and the beast behind the deaths of Bob and Carol and on the tail of the mystery force behind the experiments.


The ghosts our heroes chase in this introspective episode are the ones that have haunted them and won’t let them move on. Hank may be related to Vincent by blood, but he is plagued by his own family’s past and can’t find anything but resentment for his cousin. Vincent misses his brothers terribly but realizes that he has a loving supportive family right there in JT, Tess and of course his beloved Cat. How great was the grin on their faces when JT and Vincent realized that both of them having Proto Beast DNA in their system literally made them blood brothers? Like little kids they were.

And of course Catherine finally was able to confront her own ghosts in the anger she has felt for her mother and what she set in motion. The whole episode long, Kristin Kreuk, in a deeply moving performance, allowed us to ride Catherine’s emotional wave until it crashed in front of our eyes. Her anger and despair built until it couldn’t be contained any longer. The final scene where Cat sobs in anguish as she watches a tape of her mother making a confession of love and sacrifice almost made me feel like I was intruding on a genuine private moment. Cat is haunted not just by her anger but also her guilt. To her shock, the recording captured her mother’s very last moment, which is of course also the one that set her own story in motion. Without her mother there would be no Vincent, no mythic purpose; no Beauty and the Beast.

Spent but relieved Catherine meets up with Vincent in the chapel that she earlier couldn’t commit to for a wedding venue. She is ready to move on; no longer burdened with the weight of anger and guilt. It is never that easy of course and as soon as Vincent and Cat decide there are no more obstacles in their way, grenades come flying through the stained glass windows and through the smoke we see an ominous new enemy emerging.

So far season three still manages to exceed my expectations. The story is being layered beautifully and as depth is added to the characters in a very personal way, it also allows the myth to be expanded and refreshed. I can’t wait to see what happens next! How about you Beasties? Give me your take on season 3 so far.





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