Beauty and the Beast 3.03 – Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat

by Mieke Trudeau

“Love your man tonight, save the world tomorrow”

 There comes a time in the life span of a story where the characters question their respective roles; how they fit in to their world, both individually and in their relationships with others. It seems like that is exactly what is happening in season three of Beauty and the Beast. I noticed this theme of “identity” in the previous episode and saw it again in Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat. The title of the third episode of the season is a clever reference to the 1969 Paul Mazursky movie about two couples examining their relationships in the middle of the 60’s sexual revolution. To be sure, this Bob and Carol put themselves in the path of Vincent and Cat’s lives to stir things up and they use the fact that our favorite couple is having some relationship hiccups to do just that.

Vincent and Cat are so busy with everything that is occupying their time at the moment, from the mundane to their mythological destiny, that they hardly can find time for the “us” in their engagement. Vincent falls asleep mid-kiss and when he makes up for it with a romantic rooftop date, a sniper’s bullet rudely interrupts it. Tests confirm that it a came from the same gun that killed Agent Thomas and that only makes Cat more determined to solve that case.

Bob and Carol, played with great charm and menace by Reign’s Alan van Sprang and the fabulous Natasha Henstridge (Republic of Doyle, Selfie, Species; to name just a few), present themselves as Department of Homeland Security agents, there to investigate the death of their colleague. Tess and Cat are unceremoniously removed from the case, but that has never stopped our heroines before, so of course Cat keeps right on digging, with Vincent in tow. They discover that the fatal shot that killed agent Thomas came from across the street and through a window and TV set but before Vincent can marvel at the skill it took to take such aim, they get arrested for illegally trespassing on a crime scene. Bob and Carol soon make friends with our pair however as they bond over working with loved ones, being a married couple themselves.

It’s all a little suspicious, but soon Bob and Vincent are at JT’s watching on his computer screens as Carol and Cat infiltrate the lair of an infamous drug kingpin who occupies the building used as the sniper’s base. JT seems a little jealous of this new partner Vincent is bouncing his relationship woes off of, and his dismissive, “Sure, no problem, Bob”, is perfectly delivered.


Austin Basis is on a roll and we can’t help but root for JT. Earlier he showed his own identity issues when he was caught trying out various super powers on for size and checking them off a list as they didn’t manifest themselves. JT is plenty clever with or without special enhancement however, even when shot at himself and he is the one who discovers that there are two shooters at work her; one to fire a bullet and the other to re-direct it as needed to hit a moving target. Soon the suspicion falls on Bob and Carol who turn out not to be DHS agents after all, but assassins, working with enhanced powers themselves. It seems that so far these new beasts all have their brains altered in some way and Bob and Carol are no exception; they had their processing function sped up so they can anticipate their prey’s every move. When the inevitable confrontation between the villains and our heroes finally happens, the fight is fierce and hard, but as Cat exclaims, “This is when we are at our best” and she is right. Vincat as a team can’t be beat especially when Vincent beasts out, to Bob and Carol’s surprise. I love how Vincent waits until Cat gives him the go-ahead with a simple, “Now would be a good time”. The trust between them is obvious, even when they have trouble adjusting to their new living situation.

Bob and Carol are not quite done and after they flee they not only blow up the houseboat but they are also shown at the end to have a close and deadly eye on Cat.


This was another good installment of what is so far shaping up to be an exciting season. I enjoyed how everyone’s story was advanced, without taking away too much focus from where it ultimately belongs, with Vincent and Catherine. Their woes were interwoven with the beast of the week plot perfectly through Bob and Carol and their wedding plan troubles lent themselves very well to giving us some insight in Heather’s unresolved grief over the loss of her own engagement. It was very nice to move past the comic relief Heather (the always reliable Nicole Gale Anderson) often supplies and actually get some genuine and fitting emotion, giving us not only a deeper glimpse into Cat’s little sister, but also reflecting back on what is going on in Vincent and Cat’s relationship.

beauty-and-the-beast (1)

Tess, worried that her continued involvement with the secret beast world would negatively impact her career, as it so often has done in the past, nevertheless was willing to sacrifice it all for her friends and their cause, and was rightfully rewarded for her action and loyalty with a new title; Captain Vargas. I clapped along with the agents at her precinct, because that promotion was well deserved.

And then of course there was the big revelation of JT’s very own beastly super power. It seems somehow very fitting to me that his special enhancement is one of healing. What this all means is yet to be seen of course and I am sure there will be a downside to what for now seems to be a good thing. For as we all know, and what Beauty and the Beast still proves in its third season, is that with power comes not only responsibility but also one heck of a price.

What did you think Beasties? Were you surprised by the reveal of JT’s special power? Who do you think is behind these new experiments? Are you looking forward to Vincent and Cat’s wedding? Are you happy or sad that the houseboat is no more? As always, we would love to hear your thoughts.





4 Comments on Beauty and the Beast 3.03 – Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat

  1. A good read. Thx!


  2. JT was just a bundle of joy to watch in this ep (and he’s a bundle that keeps getting bigger every week). We see at last that he really does have something to worry about. He may not be able to zap anything to kingdom come but he’s reason enough to keep returning to #BatB each week.

    I noticed also that JT was not happy to see Vincent getting advice from Bob. Yes, a little jealous. He’s been the advisor to Vincent for a decade, giving enough pep talks to put out a shingle. That line of his, “Sure, no problem, Bob”, was marvelously delivered by Austin.

    I loved Bob & Carol and wish they hadn’t been the bad guys. It was a perfect choice of actors to portray them. I especially enjoyed the moment when Vincent beasted out and Bob’s eyes grew wider. So there! Meet a beast!

    Thanks for the good review. I hadn’t thought about brain experimentation as the main reason for enhanced humans, especially since dna manipulation was the cause of Vincent becoming a beast. But after seeing S4, it’s becoming clearer. So far, I’ve loved the first 3 eps.


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