Beauty and the Beast 2.17 – Beast is the new Black

by Mieke Trudeau

This could be our chance to do the right thing

Welcome back Beasties, that was a long hiatus. I appreciate all of you returning readers following me here to At Stake, and welcome new readers! I hope I can add something to your enjoyment of the little show that could. All thanks to your positive encouragement, your favorite show has earned another season on the CW this Fall. I will be here along with you, happily writing more reviews.

This brand new episode drops us in right where we left off; Vincent being taken to jail for the murder of Curt Windsor. As Cat alerts the gang, all quickly and angrily assume newly jilted Gabe is responsible for Vincent’s arrest.

But then Gabe is all helpful. He gets Catherine access to Vincent, shows her evidence on file against him and even finds the man presumed responsible for planting such evidence. He seems determined to help, repeating over and over how he simply wants to level the playing field and is not looking to be “a vulture”, ready to strike when Catherine is down.

Is Gabe to be trusted? For a while he almost had me fooled, along with Catherine and her trusty sidekicks. I was actually disappointed that the show seemed to have decided to make evil!Gabe a red herring; but then there was that smirk at the very end. Gabe seemingly congratulating himself with a stiff drink while watching the news about Vincent’s deepening troubles.

And how deep Vincent’s troubles have become. There is video of him carrying a lifeless Curt Windsor into an alley, the man allegedly hired by Cat’s father to set Vincent up winds up dead and oh yes, Curt’s heart is found in Vincent’s fridge! Catherine, JT and even Tess are perfectly willing to go to great lengths to save Vincent from spending the rest of his life in prison, but he will have none of that. He ditches the gem that stops him from beasting out and escapes from a prison ambulance. Of course he cannot leave without saying goodbye to his beloved Catherine and he meets her on her (their) roof.

I have to say that I think this is the best move the show has made in a long time; to bring the story back to its core; the unquestionable bond between Vincent and Catherine. I certainly like how both of them have developed as characters, apart from each other. Catherine deserves to be seen as the strong, independent woman she is, away from the control of all these overprotective men in her life and Vincent had to prove himself worthy of his humanity as well as his beast side. But, lets face it, these two belong together. Tess says it so well, they are not a fragile newbie couple, they are epic. And as Cat declares to Vincent: “I love you. No but.” For the sake of drama, of story, there must be obstacles and roadblocks to overcome, but let them not come from within. The beastie team and the show work best when they are united, even when physically apart.

Once again, the ever loyal and adorable JT and Tess, nicely parallel the main story. Having spent another night together, both are tentative the next day. JT thinks Tess is embarrassed and wants to keep their relationship secret and Tess thinks JT wants to keep things casual. They come together in the end, over their mutual love for their friends. They decide that they are worth the struggle, that theirs is a real relationship, squabbles and all.

The episode ends with a jolt when we see Catherine, alone in her apartment, suddenly and violently attacked and taken. Is this another plot to lure Vincent? Is Muirfield striking back? Or is it Gabe, further “leveling the playing field”?

What a great start to the final leg of this season. This episode had it all: intrigue, suspense, a long overdue hug between JT and Cat and lots and lots of epic Vincat romance. Dancing in the shower anyone? Who wondered along with me, about that one time with the handcuffs? Catherine is Vincent’s true gem, the one who keeps him human and I will never get tired of the beating of her heart alerting him when she is near.

Tell me your thoughts Beasties! Where do you think this story is going and what are your hopes for the new season ahead. Thanks again for reading and please comment below.

6 Comments on Beauty and the Beast 2.17 – Beast is the new Black

  1. Michèle S. // June 6, 2014 at 11:49 pm // Reply

    Great review as always! And I completely agree, the show made the best move when they brought VinCat back, together against the world! (Along with their trusty sidekicks JTess of course!) (Gabe, not so much.) While I’m with you, the time apart was good for character development, it was high time to stop because it felt to me like they were nearing the point of no return. And I don’t think every show has to have that will-they-won’t-they we-can’t-bring-them-together-too-fast element. Ever since ratings fell off a cliff when Lois and Clark tied the knot, they all seem to thing they need to do that, as if that one example applies to all shows. But look, they brought VinCat back together and ratings went up, not down. Like you said so well, there need to be obstacles, but they need to come from without, not from within. The best thing about BATB is the “epic” romance, and they should stick to the heart and soul of the show. And yes, it’s totally “their” roof now. 🙂 See you next week!


  2. I still can’t get over ‘Beast is the New Black”! It was so awesome! I loved how Catherine right away tried to save Vincent and later went into the intake to intercept Vincent’s blood sample. The whole gang was helping him, even Gabe. He may have had alternative motives but he was still helping. J.T. really was a dominant character in this episode. The way he helped Vincent, the way he talked to Tess and the way he got on to Catherine about her telling Vincent that she was coming forward as a witness. Austin Basis did an excellent job! I also like J.T. and Tess finally coming together in a relationship. But Tess is still trying to protect her best friend Catherine by not wanting to rub it in Catherine’s face. I’m sure I’m not the first to say this, but that shower scene was so romantic! I loved it! I just hate that it got cut so short. The song that was picked was perfect as it reminded us of their very first dance at Catherine’s dad’s wedding. I love that Catherine knew Vincent wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye. I love how Vincent told Catherine that he came by to say goodbye but that he wanted one last night to love each other as much as they love each other now. Those two are beautiful together. I love their love! They are both trying to protect the other because they do love each other so much. Catherine’s dad really made me mad though. He doesn’t care about Catherine’s feelings, he just wants her safe. He could help keep her safe and allow her to be with Vincent if he really wanted to. I think he just can’t stand the thought of Catherine being in love with a Beast. She would have been safe if he hadn’t of interfered! He doesn’t truly love his daughter the way a father should. Now, Gabe…I would normally think the worst of Gabe but I actually think that he is going to protect Catherine not by getting Vincent, but by getting her dad. I don’t know why I am thinking that way but I am. I hope I’m right. Because if he were to get Vincent, Catherine would never go back to him. But if he helps Vincent by exposing her dad, then Gabe would think that he still had a chance with her. I don’t really know but I just hope that Vincent and Catherine could have some normal time with each other. It just seems like they are constantly being separated and they so deserve that! The ending made me sad when Vincent had to leave early because the helicopters came. They didn’t get their last night together. Also, Catherine now couldn’t go with him as she had planned because they were so close that she would slow Vincent down. I loved how Vincent handcuffed her so she wouldn’t look like she was harboring a fugitive. Their little conversation about how many times he had handcuffed her was also eyebrow lifting! But when he told Catherine that she was his gem and that she kept him from losing himself, that was the sweetest thing I have heard. Also when he told her he promised he would come back and find her. It was so beautiful and sad at the same time. I really started crying hard when Catherine went to tell J.T. that Vincent was gone. That moment that was shared by two people who not only loved Vincent but were going to horribly miss him was just too perfect. Catherine assuring J.T. that Vincent was going to be alright and that they were going to be alright even though they knew how much they were and already missed him. In the last scene when Catherine was crying in bed and she heard a noise, I was really hoping that it was Vincent coming back to get that last night of love that he wanted with Catherine. But it didn’t happen that way. I was shocked when Catherine was captured but at the same time I no longer was sad about Vincent leaving because I knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t leave now because he had to save his beauty. I absolutely loved that episode! it had so much to offer the audience! I am so glad that Beauty and the Beast was renewed for a third season! The show keeps getting better and better if it’s even possible! But the love, romance and endurance of Catherine and Vincent plus the beautiful friendships of J.T. and Vincent along with Tess and Catherine is what keeps me watching this show over and over again! It’s a beautiful story all the way around! I love VinCat! I love Beauty and the Beast! I can’t wait to see “Cat and Mouse”!


  3. Beast is the New Black brings me back to S1 feelings, Vincent and Cat fighting to save each other. Catherine is a strong woman again not like she has been in the last couple of episodes. This is the real Catherine and I have missed her. There is no place for Gabe to go but the villain route. He is the fifth wheels that no need or wants. I can’t wait to see more of VinCat against the world, they are the heart of the show.


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